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The Board 2016-2018 welcomes you

EXATEC Ontario offers the possibility to create and grow our interpersonal connections within the province, and show the professionalism and quality that distinguish ITESM alumni. Throughout events organized by us or in partnership with other groups and associations in Ontario, we have earned recognition as a dynamic and committed group; we have bonded with other professionals, created strategic alliances with other associations that seek their members’ development, the same way as we do. All this has allowed us to grow our presence in the province, earn exposure, and stand out within the diverse multi-cultural Canadian society.

Participating in EXATEC Ontario grants us the opportunity to show that our academic and professional background is transferable internationally, that we are adaptable and valuable members to any organization; we are capable to start and cope with change, and to work together to create a community that serves as a support network to all our fellow alumni that want to live in this country.

We encourage you to join any committee of OUR organization.

Best regards,

Marcela Chein

President 2016-2018

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